MIRROR SYSTEM  ALBUM track by track

1.   CLOUD 11   (6.59)     A deep slow groove that we have been working on for some time. The combination of bass drone, melodic chords and mysterious filtered sequences is fully aimed at intriguing and elevating.

2.   STELLA  (duende mix)   (7.53)   A dreamy cover of the Jam and Spoon trance classic with the main theme played on multiple acoustic guitars. There is some influence here from a flamenco project that Steve produced in Spain in 2002, and some use of the specialised flamenco percussion instrument the “cajon”. “Duende” is a flamenco term describing the particular mystical emotion that flamenco can express and channel – it is used here out of homage and respect.

3.   HILAL    (6.40)     A collaboration with London-based Moroccan producer U-Cef. Combines dreamy ambience, Arabic grooves and scales and a taste of the North Kensington street. This is an excellent meeting point between our work in dance and chillout music and Steve’s work as a producer for Arabic artists such as Rachid Taha, Khaled and Latifa.

4.   FLEX-E-FUN   (8.06)   A floaty and deep piece that is the latest track we’ve created with our long-time collaborator Alex Paterson (of The Orb).  Believe it or not the title is derived from a special tube device that is sold in American pet shops for exercising your pet ferret!

5.   SYSTEM A LA FOLIE   (5.03)   A slightly faster tempo piece but with a super-relaxed vibrating deep groove. A groove for resting rather than for jumping, some more acoustic guitar interventions, and some beautiful keyboards from Miquette. The title is a French-language pun about crazy love.

6.   LAZY    (7.26)     Lush and summery - music for the beach. Lot’s of spacey guitar on this one – relax and float downstream!

7.   MIRROR BEACH   (8.17)   A collaboration with our artwork designer Mark Neal, this is one of the most sophisticated and ambitious tracks on the album combining gloriously floaty chords and melodies, Arab percussion from Hossam Ramzy, and a deep funky groove.

8.   M THEORY   (5.57)   Inspired by musings on the latest in esoteric physics this is a slow deep and dubby track with Miquette’s almost whimsical melodies and plenty of guitar. As with some of the other tracks this features our special glissando guitar sound providing a high ghostly sustaining string line.

9.   FLUIDITY    (7.31)   A tribute to the power and the healing qualities of water combining rich and detailed ambience with a simple melodic groove. Lots of different guitar sounds including Steve’s deep baritone guitar (remember Twin Peaks?).

10.  MERCHANT OF COLOURS  (7.04)   A bubbling colourful brew that crosses over into the timeless dreamworld.

11.  TRANSILIO  (4.06)   Rich and emotional with a soaring guitar line. This is the only track on the album without drums.

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