We are offering downloads for purchase on our digitally enabled webshop in two formats:-


1. wma - This is the standard format of most commercial download sites other than Apple's I-Tunes. It works for PCs only. There is a music industry standard of copy protection embedded in this format called DRM. This format allows a limited number of copies to be burnt onto CDs that will play on ordinary CD players. Details can be found by clicking the "Digital Rights" button by the wma download on our webshop site. Our wma downloads cost £0.79 (ukpounds).

2. mp3 - In common with Warp's site bleep.com we are offering a high bit rate MP3 download (without copy restrictions and playable on an I-Pod) using Variable Bit Rate encoding (VBR) and the LAME algorithm. This is a higher quality mp3 that is possible using standard CD "ripping" and the encoding has been made by System 7 in our studio. Our high bitrate mp3 downloads cost £0.99 (ukpounds).


This is a new venture for A-Wave and System 7. We would welcome any feedback on our download formats:- s777@a-wave.com


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