System 7  Live Transmissions  - official release April 17th 2006

Here are some MP3 sample extracts from the System 7 LIVE TRANSMISSIONS live CD (AAWCD010). Click on the A-Wave.com button if you wish to purchase the CD online. The A-Wave webshop page is now hosted by planetgong.co.uk. To check the details of Planetgong's online sales system please read this.


Owing to its residual popularity, Live Transmissions is being given an official international shop release on April 17th 2006.  Catalogue number AAWCD010.

Also available on iTunes Music Store worldwide (including USA). CD available in USA through United States of Distribution.


1. HIGH PLAINS DRIFTER (Voyager) (live)  -  track 5 on the CD

Click here to hear HIGH PLAINS DRIFTER (VOYAGER) MP3 clip (stereo) - length 4min 13secs (3.8 meg)


2. RING OF FIRE (live)  -  track 7 on the CD

Click here to hear RING OF FIRE MP3 clip (stereo) - length 4min 02secs (3.7 meg)


3. HANGAR 84 (live)  -  track 10 on the CD

Click here to hear HANGAR 84 MP3 (stereo) - length 3min 52secs (3.5 meg)


All titles written and Produced by Steve Hillage and Miquette Giraudy, published by Chrysalis Music.

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