Mirror System - Reflector DJ Mix -  released June 28th 2010


The Mirror System “Reflector” mix CD was commissioned by System 7’s Japanese label Wakyo as part of their “69 Steps” compilations series, and released in the UK and the rest of the world on A-Wave  on June 28th 2010. It's available from the A-Wave Webshop from June 21st - please click on the A-Wave logo:-


MIRROR SYSTEM is the chilled and downtempo extension of our dance music project SYSTEM 7MIRROR SYSTEM returns in 2010 with our new textured mix CD “Reflector: Mixed & Compiled by Mirror System”.

This DJ Mix CD is a result of numerous DJ sets we have played in which we have blended the Mirror System chilled feeling with soft minimal techno and electro beats, drawing upon some of our favourite cutting edge artists such as Trentemoller, Guy Gerber, Shlomi Aber, Chymera, Peace Division, Alex Kenji and Bluetech on this distinctive new musical mix.

"Mixing in tracks from Mirror System & System 7, Reflector's soft minimal techno and electro beats provide a sublime chilled soundtrack, perfect for summer days and nights as the warmer season beckons."


Track listing with mp3 samples:-

1. MIRROR SYSTEM - The Healing Feather  -  A no-beats intro made up of elements of the unique Mirror System lush ambient sound – signaling that this is not going to be a typical house compilation mix.         Click here to hear a 45sec mp3 clip

2. EVAN MARC & STEVE HILLAGE - Resurfacing (Phidelity Remix) - Steve wrote this for his collaboration album with Evan Marc. A no-beats on the original album but now remixed with beautiful deep throbbing effect by Phidelity, starting the sequence at 118bpm.         Click here to hear a 45sec mp3 clip

3. GUY GERBER & SHLOMI ABER - Sea of Sand (Original Mix)  - A beautiful well-known bubbly track that we have been playing in DJ sets for several years, and which we noticed in certain circumstances worked well slowed down to 118bpm, taking on a different character. At 118bpm this is a key track in the development of the Reflector project.         Click here to hear a 45sec mp3 clip

4. SASCHA FUNKE - Mango (Original Mix)  - Reminscent of some Simple Minds tunes Steve produced in the 80s, as the tempo creeps up to 120bpm by the end of this track.         Click here to hear a 45sec mp3 clip

5. TRENTEMOLLER - Gush (Blagger's Bring it Back Remix)  - We are massive fans of Trentemoller, and with its Indiany vocal sample and deep bass throbbing groove we felt this track was perfect for Reflector.         Click here to hear a 45sec mp3 clip

6. TRIPSWITCH - Cartwheel (Mirror System Remix)   -  Our contribution to Nick Brennan’s 2007 remix album, leading to a major development in our Mirror System sound, reincorporating the 4-4 beat in a chilled way. One of our best Mirror System tracks.         Click here to hear a 45sec mp3 clip

7. PEACE DIVISION (Featuring Pleasant Gehman) - Voodoo (It's in the Wall)  -   What a track!  Moody trippy house that works everywhere from the Chillout Room to the Main Floor and a major favourite at 122bpm.         Click here to hear a 45sec mp3 clip

8. CHAIM - Chicken Kiev  -   Cool Israeli artist Chaim delivers quirky tech-house with a wee bit of humour - tried and tested in our live DJ sets.         Click here to hear a 45sec mp3 clip

9. MATTHIAS TANZMANN - Swim   -  A beautiful groove from Leipzig techo/house hero Matthias Tanzmann  and our longest mixout.         Click here to hear a 45sec mp3 clip

10. CHYMERA - A Question   -   An Irish artist we’ve followed for a while who has an a unique way with creating a chilled feeling with tech grooves, and whose addition ups the energy.         Click here to hear a 45sec mp3 clip

11. PHONIQUE - Bike Ride    -   Pure Berlin bouncing tech house keeping the groove at 122bpm and keeping a smile on your face.         Click here to hear a 45sec mp3 clip

12. BLUETECH - Honey in the Heart (System 7 Remix)   -   Retaining the tech house bounce but adding a slightly more cerebral chilled element.         Click here to hear a 45sec mp3 clip

13. SHLOMI ABER - Looking in God's Eyes  (album version)   -   Another of our Israeli techno favourites and this gem from his album “State of No One” adds a bit of techno edge.         Click here to hear a 45sec mp3 clip

14. ALEX KENJI - Adelante (Ahmet Sendil Remix)   -   Absolutely superb track with a Middle Eastern flavour and a deep soft trancey groove, and a true favourite of ours.         Click here to hear a 45sec mp3 clip       

15. SYSTEM 7 - Sal Del Mar   -   Special track from our System 7 album “Seventh Wave”,  working in a 3 minute slow mix out of “Adelante”, making for a fulfilling conclusion.         Click here to hear a 45sec mp3 clip



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