System 7  Phoenix  -  released January 28th 2008

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Phoenix (AAWCD012) is the new System 7 album - inspired by the manga graphic novel series "Phoenix" by Osamu Tezuka - one of the founding fathers of Japanese manga culture. We've collaborated with Son Kite, Jam El Mar, Eat Static, Slack Baba, Daevid Allen of Gong and Japanese bass player Mito from the band Clammbon . The Phoenix music portrays, in a variety of ways, travel through time and space, life, death and rebirth, with each track inspired by characters or images from the books, and described in the 12-page booklet that comes with the CD. The new album - titled “Phoenix” - will be released in the UK and Europe on January 28th 2008. Here is the Tracklisting with sound samples:-


Click here to hear HInotori (Video Edit) mp3 3min 01sec clip (128kbps) (stereo)

2. SPACE BIRD - (collaboration with Jam El Mar)

Click here to hear Space Bird mp3 1min 43sec clip (128kbps) (stereo)

3. SCRAMBLE- (collaboration with Slackbaba)

Click here to hear Scramble mp3 1min 53sec clip (128kbps) (stereo)

4. MASATO ETERNITY - (collaboration with Jam El Mar)

Click here to hear Masato Eternity mp3 1min 04sec clip (128kbps) (stereo)


Click here to hear Song for the Phoenix mp3 2min 52sec clip (128kbps) (stereo)

6. STRANGE BEINGS - (collaboration with Daevid Allen)

Click here to hear Strange Beings mp3 1min 14sec clip (128kbps) (stereo)

7. CHIHIRO 61298 - (collaboration with Son Kite)

Click here to hear Chihiro 61298 mp3 1min 28sec clip (128kbps) (stereo)

8. MAKIMURA - SPACE PILOT - (collaboration with Mito)

Click here to hear Makimura - Space Pilot mp3 1min 27sec clip (128kbps) (stereo)

9. WOLF-HEAD- (collaboration with Eat Static)

Click here to hear Wolf-Head mp3 1min 23sec clip (128kbps) (stereo)


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