System 7 - Planet 7 iTunes exclusive LP AAWIT701


In celebration of the strengthening relationship between A-Wave and iTunes Music Store, we've released a special set of tracks exclusive to the iTunes service only. This is available NOW on iTunes worldwide (including USA).

This is a collection of gems, perfectly representing the dancefloor sound of System 7 today, and displaying how our style occupies the space where progressive house, techno and psytrance meet.

On this page you can listen to mp3 sample clips that are longer than the 30sec samples that appear at iTunes.


1_PLANET 7 (James Holden remix)_(9min 50secs)_a slightly shorter edit of James Holden's quirky and original remix of Planet 7:-

Click here to hear PLANET 7 (James Holden Remix) mp3 2min 40sec clip (128kbps) (stereo)

2_PLANET 7 (Son Kite Remix)_(8min 30secs)_ a powerful dancefoor remix by Swedish progressive psytrance stars Son Kite:-

Click here to download PLANET 7 (Son Kite Remix) mp3 3min 25sec clip (128kbps) (stereo)

3_LOVE MISSION - MISSION LOVE _(7min 42secs)_A distinctive and enthralling groove  that employs a hypnotic female vocal sample, this track was featured in System 7’s new live set at the Glastonbury and Glade festivals 2005, and more recently in Japan and Australia:-

Click here to hear LOVE MISSION - MISSION LOVE mp3 2min clip (128kbps) (stereo)

4_I MOVE _(5min 02secs)_ I Move is a harder and faster trancefloor special, also carrying all the dreamlike qualities for which System 7 is renowned. Also part of the new System 7 live set:-

Click here to hear I MOVE mp3 2min clip (128kbps) (stereo)

5_TEOTIHUACAN (Pyramid of the Sun)_(6min 47secs)_A strong proggy groove featuring spiralling guitar this was the opening track of the System 7 live set in 2002:-

Click here to hear TEOTIHUACAN (Pyramid of the Sun) mp3 2min clip (128kbps) (stereo)

6_OM ROCK (Groovy Intent) _(7min 55secs)_An older track (from 1998) with a chugging boiling trance groove this still stands up today:-

Click here to hear OM ROCK (Groovy Intent) mp3 2min clip (128kbps) (stereo)

7_RING OF FIRE (Advent remix)_(7min 14secs)_Another surprise, only previously released on limited edition 12" vinyl in 1998. This is some serious techno:-

Click here to hear RING OF FIRE (Advent remix) mp3 1min clip (96kbps) (stereo)

8_GLIDING ON DUOTONE CURVES (Youth mix)_(7min 14secs)_A special edit of an alternative mix by Youth of the track that he also so-wrote:-

Click here to hear GLIDING ON DUOTONE CURVES (Youth mix) mp3 2min clip (128kbps) (stereo)


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