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We present our first extended download collection. Many of these tracks have not been hitherto re-released by A-Wave and others have never been available on CD, only on vinyl. See the list below for a one minute 96kbps mp3 clip and information about each track. Here is a brief explanation of the full download formats we are offering on our webshop.

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Please note:- we are switching from real audio to mp3 as our standard for sample clips. These clips are 96kbps stereo mp3.


1_ALPHAWAVE (Plastikman Acid House mix)_(19min 45secs - Full length!!!)_The first major surprise of our download collection - this has not been available on CD since 1997 and currently is not even available on vinyl! Download the mix and burn it to CD and you will have it (as will the people you play it to!):-

Click here to hear ALPHAWAVE (Plastikman Acid House mix) mp3 1min clip (96kbps) (stereo)

2_ALPHAWAVE (System 7 2000 remix)_(10min 03secs)_The first of 2 new remixes we made in 2000 to celebrate the re-release of Alphawave on vinyl and the start of A-Wave records:-

Click here to hear ALPHAWAVE (System 7 2000 remix) mp3 1min clip (96kbps)(stereo)

3_ALPHAWAVE (Bananadance remix)_(7min 38secs)_The second of our new Alphawave remixes goes Bananas!:-

Click here to hear ALPHAWAVE (Bananadance remix) mp3 1min clip (96kbps) (stereo)

4_HIGH PLAINS DRIFTER (Voyager remix)_(12min 12secs - Full length!!!)_Another major surprise - the full length version has never been available on CD before. Click and burn!:-

Click here to hear HIGH PLAINS DRIFTER (Voyager remix) mp3 1min clip (96kbps) (stereo)

5_HIGH PLAINS DRIFTER (Purple remix)_(8min 25secs)_Purple's cool and proggy remix - only previously available on vinyl:-

Click here to hear HIGH PLAINS DRIFTER (Purple remix) mp3 1min clip (96kbps) (stereo)

6_PROTOTYPE 1 (Electron mix)_(6min 52secs)_One of two download tracks from the Mysterious Traveller collection:-

Click here to hear PROTOTYPE 1 (Electron mix) mp3 1min clip (96kbps) (stereo)

7_BIG SKY CITY (Above the Clouds mix)_(6min 28secs)_Also from the Mysterious Traveller collection:-

Click here to hear BIG SKY CITY (Above the Clouds mix) mp3 1min clip (96kbps) (stereo)

8_RING OF FIRE (Troniq mix)_(11min 13secs)_A System 7 reworking, again only previously released on vinyl in 1998, this mix is similar to our live version of Ring of Fire:-

Click here to hear RING OF FIRE (Troniq mix) mp3 1min clip (96kbps) (stereo)

9_RING OF FIRE (Volcaniq mix)_(8min 40secs)_A third download track from the 1998 vinyl release - this track was particularly popular with trance DJs:-

Click here to hear RING OF FIRE (Volcaniq mix) mp3 1min clip (96kbps) (stereo)

10_RITE OF SPRING (Doc Scott remix)_(6min 51secs)_The second System 7 remix made by drum n bass maestro Doc Scott. This track is deep tough and uncompromising:-

Click here to hear RITE OF SPRING (Doc Scott remix) mp3 1min clip (96kbps) (stereo)

11_RITE OF SPRING (Filter mix)_(8min 37secs)_A System 7 alternative mix that is simpler and more floaty than the album version. As with the Doc Scott mix this has been unavailable for some time:-

Click here to hear RITE OF SPRING (Filter mix) mp3 1min clip (96kbps) (stereo)

12_INTERSTATE (Doc Scott remix)_(8min 24secs)_Another nice surprise. The full original version of this mix that became a drum n bass classic. Originally released 1996 on CD single and 12" vinyl:-

Click here to hear INTERSTATE (Doc Scott remix) mp3 1min clip (96kbps) (stereo)

13_INTERSTATE (David Holmes remix)_(11min 16secs)_Another big remix - a large sounding techno pounder!:-

Click here to hear INTERSTATE (David Holmes remix) mp3 1min clip (96kbps) (stereo)

14_SIRENES (Carl Craig remix)_(10min 00secs)_And finally, to complete the download collection, another celebrated remix from the System 7 catalogue, created by Detroit techno hero Carl Craig, from a track co-written with Laurent Garnier:-

Click here to hear SIRENES (Carl Craig remix) mp3 1min clip (96kbps) (stereo)


These downloads, and further download releases to follow, represent a new venture for A-Wave and System 7. We would welcome any feedback on our download formats and download sales in general:-

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