System 7  PositiveNoise club single - released June 13th 2011


Here are MP3 sample extracts from the System 7's new PositiveNoise 12" single (AAWT706). Click on the A-Wave.com button if you wish to purchase the vinyl online (available NOW!). The A-Wave webshop page is now hosted by planetgong.co.uk. To check the details of Planetgong's online sales system please read this.


POSITIVENOISE is available from June 6th 2011 on Beatport as a download in MP3 and WAV format.


1. POSITIVENOISE (Carl Craig Remix)

Click here to hear PositiveNoise (Carl CraigRemix) mp3 6min 19sec clip (192kbps) (stereo)


2. POSITIVENOISE (A.Mochil Remix)

Click here to hear PositiveNoise (A. Mochi Remix) mp3 2min 32sec clip (192kbps) (stereo)


3. POSITIVENOISE (Origina lClub Mix)

Click here to hear PositiveNoise (Original Club Mix) mp3 3min 45sec clip (192kbps) (stereo)

Written and Produced by Steve Hillage, Miquette Giraudy and Gerald Simpson (A Guy Called Gerald) published by Stage Three Music / Nanoplasmic Publishing

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